Our Deep Clean Cleaning Checklist
*all cleaning times are approximate depending on size of room, clutter and other factors
Bathrooms: ◾Use Ajax/Comet in tubs, sinks, and toilets. Use sponge for tubs and sinks, use toilet brush for toilet. Let sit for minute. ◾Rinse sink and tub with water, then spray Scrubbing Bubbles. Use SB for toilet as well. ◾For shower and tub walls use SB then squeegee off. ◾Use squeegee on shower doors with SB or disinfectant. ◾Dust pictures, window sill or wall hangings with duster. ◾If there are blinds on windows, dust with microfiber rag. ◾Use wood polish for any wood drawers or doors. ◾Take all items off vanity, dust or wipe items. ◾Use SB or all-purpose cleaner for vanity and sinks. ◾Before replacing items use non-streak window cleaner on mirrors. Use squeegee or microfiber rag. No streaks on mirrors or windows. ◾Replace items on vanity. ◾Use stainless steel polish for faucets, handles, towel bar or anything stainless steel. ◾Empty trash and remove all items from floor. ◾Use damp rag to wipe baseboards. ◾Sweep. ◾Mop using no-rinse floor cleaner. ◾Let floor dry then replace all items. ◾Check list then deodorize.
(make sure area BEHIND toilet is cleaned, all sinks, showers and tubs are DRY, before replacing items after mopping be sure floor is dry.)
Approximate cleaning time: 15-30 min. each
Bedrooms: ◾Make bed. Vacuum bedspread/comforter. ◾Use Rainbow vacuum to vacuum under beds and furniture. ◾Vacuum furniture and under cushions. ◾Dust fans. ◾Dust blinds using electrostatic duster or damp rag. ◾Start at a point in the room and work in a circle, as not to miss anything. ◾Dust items in room. If items are on vanity, dresser, etc. remove items and wipe clean then use wood polish or glass cleaner on surface then replace items. ◾Use Pledge or wood polish on any wood items such as dresser or nightstands. ◾Use glass cleaner for framed pictures. ◾Throw trash and clean up clutter as best as possible. Example: dirty clothes in hamper, shoes matched in closet, etc. ◾All mirrors streak-free. ◾Use damp rag to wipe exposed baseboards. ◾Vacuum your way out of room. ◾Check list and deodorize.
(Use clean, dry rag for TV’s. DO NOT USE CLEANER ON TV’s, it will ruin screen)
Approximate cleaning time: 30-45 min. each
Kitchen: ◾All dishes washed or placed in dishwasher. ◾Dust any hanging items. ◾Dust blinds and window sills. ◾Use squeegee on windows with non-streak window cleaner. ◾Use glass cleaner on framed pictures. ◾Pledge or use wood polish on all cabinets and drawers. ◾Clean inside microwave. ◾Use degreaser on stovetops when necessary. ◾Wipe down all appliances including refrigerator, oven, microwave, toaster, blender, etc. and use stainless steel polish. ◾Use disinfectant for counter tops and tables. ◾Wipe down chairs or stools. Use Pledge or wood polish on wood chairs or stools. ◾Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. ◾Empty trash. ◾Wipe down exposed baseboards with damp rag. ◾Sweep floor. ◾Mop with no-rinse floor cleaner.
Approximate cleaning time: 30-45 min.
Living Room: ◾Vacuum all furniture. ◾Dust fans. ◾Dust blinds with electrostatic duster or damp rag. ◾Wipe items on furniture and use Pledge or wood polish on wood furniture. ◾Wipe TV with clean, dry rag. ◾Wipe exposed baseboards with damp rag. ◾Vacuum carpet or mop floors with no-rinse floor cleaner. ◾Check list and deodorize.
(Wipe down all surfaces with glass cleaner for glass tops and Pledge for wood surfaces, dust lamps, wipe down all items)
Approximate cleaning time: 30-45 min.
Dining Room: ◾Fans dusted. ◾Table tops disinfected. ◾All wood surfaces polished. ◾No-streak glass cleaner on glass. ◾All exposed baseboards wiped down. ◾Blinds and window sills dusted. ◾Vacuum or mop with no-rinse floor cleaner. ◾Check list and deodorize
Other: ◾Make sure all cobwebs are gone. ◾All light switches wiped or polished. ◾All lights turned off and doors closed. ◾Take all trash. ◾Collect all dirty rags and cleaning supplies. ◾Check chemicals that need refilled and organize supplies. ◾Place survey and checklist on counter.
Additional Services Offered:
(Additional fees and upon request only) ◾Oven cleaning ◾Refrigerator cleaning ◾Inside drawers and cabinets ◾Carpet cleaning ◾Exterior window cleaning ◾Laundry services